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#012 Ryan Carter aka livevitae – Living a nomadic lifestyle. Concentrated truth from an "mitochondriac" Influencer

Our second english podcast at Lichtblock Professionals. You might know Ryan from social media, where he shares amazing content with millions of followers when it comes to optimal health. Ryan is a certified health coach, personal trainer and a registered nutritionist. He personally says that his focus is not to focus on life span, which basically means to live long but more to look for healthspan and to improve the real quality of life. In this episode we go into many different topics of health and philosophy. It's interesting because you get to understand Ryans way of thinking about life and health. I got to know Ryan from the Jack Kruse community back in 2019, where it was all about light, water and magnetism and to understand life from that perspective.

Ryan Carter – Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach
Instagram: @livevitae

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